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SYM Makes a Statement at EICMA 2022

SYM Makes a Statement at EICMA 2022
09 Nov
Written by Amit


SYM is honoured to present our new collection through EICMA, which is the leading trade fair for motorcycles and scooters worldwide. There are many upgrades on our hot-selling products, including different body design, improvement on safety and convenience…etc. Another highlight of this year is a series of new colors release - matte mamba silver, matte phantom white, matte indigo blue, matte secluded green. SYM introduces the multi-layer coating technique which makes the scooter showing the different colors from the different angles. For instance, you can also see the glow in pink and green on matte mamba silver. If you take a closer look, the color shows a beautiful pearly iridescence. There were more surprises to explore, and SYM invited all the enthusiasts from all over the world to visit SYM in EICMA.

Jet 14 EVO

JET 14 is the most successful model of the JET series. Until now, it is still the best-selling model especially in the European markets. In EICMA 2022, SYM presents an evolved version - JET 14 EVO - to the market. Same as the previous version, JET 14 EVO owns compact dimensions, liquid-cooled engine and 14’’ wheels to make it easy to move around the city in an agile and safe way. The new LED lighting and the stylish visor build a sport and aggressive look. In addition to the evolution from outside, JET 14 EVO is equipped with keyless 2.0, QC 3.0, front fuel tank cap and enlarged under seat storage…etc. to make it user-friendly for the riders. With all these inside out changes, JET 14 EVO not just ensures all practicality that day-to-day commuting requires, but also owns a unique personality.

Joymax Z plus

JOYMAX Z+ is built to maximize the riding enjoyment. Its compact body achieves the fine harmony between the agile handling and the business class comfort. Nevertheless, SYM is planning to make JOYMAX Z + even more competitive in the global markets. Based on the superb characteristics, the braking, electronic systems are upgraded in the new version JOYMAX Z PLUS. With these new improvements, JOYMAX Z PLUS is now everything you need. It is going to cause a new sensation in the following years.

Joyride 300

In response to the growing demand for the cruiser in the 300cc segment, SYM brings JOYRIDE 300 to the market. JOYRIDE 300 features the compactness, agility, safety and convenience, which make it the ideal choice for those customers who are interested in the flat floor cruiser. In addition, the high wheel version – JOYRIDE 16 300 - is also available. With these 2 versions, the JOYRIDE 300 series covers the wide range of the customers’ needs. It will be the most competitive new model in the global market.

New Jet X

Being the flagship model of the Jet series, JET X is equipped with the tremendous features included but not limited to the racing bike characteristic design which gives JET X the unique identification; the high-end specs offer riders the convenience, safety and the luxury riding experience; the advanced engineering adjustment brings the perfect maneuverability and ergonomics. The major upgrades this year light up the modern personality of JET X even more.


SYM launches the first model of the "CU" series this year – MMBCU. “CU” represents "Crossover" and "Unique". “MMB” stands for "Mamba ". MMBCU simulates the image of mamba, such as snake scales and the pattern of the snake belly on the body. MMBCU also adopts a new colour coating technique, which makes the colours look different in the different lighting environment, as mamba snakes can adapt themselves in various environments. Like the mamba, MMBCU has the characteristics of high-speed movement. It is tuned to be a grand touring sports model that is more suitable for long-distance riding and has good functionality. Along with other features such as A.L.E.H and Z.R.S.G, MMBCU will give riders a brand new experience of riding


SYMPHONY CARGO is the high wheel scooter for the companies that need delivery fleets. It has many features meet the need of business users. At this year’s EICMA, SYM is proud to introduce SYMPHONY CARGO the front rack version to the global market. With the additional front rack, SYMPHONY CARGO maximum loading capacity has reached 65kg. It’s now the best scooter which helps the business owners to seize every opportunity.

E Xpro

Urban delivery has been an unstoppable trend and a booming industry in all corners throughout the world. For every business in need of green delivery fleet in the city, e X’PRO is the best solution. It owns an agile body design in order to get through the city easily. As to its practicability, e X’PRO is equipped with LED head light, LCD instrument, adjustable rear rack, and adjustable rear suspension...etc. Furthermore, e X’PRO can accommodate one to two batteries to extend range. With all these brilliant features, e X’PRO is undoubtedly the most optimal choice for business users.

Please keep an eye on our website to get regular updates !!!

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