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Coronavirus (COVID-19) ovid 19 Partial re-opening 01/05/2020


UPDATED 11-05-2020


Again we hope that you, your families, and your colleagues are all keeping safe at this difficult time.

The Government has made clear that the automotive industry and its supply chain should continue to operate subject to Public Health guidelines. However, we said that we would only consider reopening when we saw the tragic Covid-19 infection and mortality rates going in the right direction.

Current data suggests that this is happening, and, although always subject to change as we monitor events, we believe that we can start putting our re-opening plans in place. We have had a dedicated team working incredibly hard over the past month to ensure that we are ready to reopen our doors safely when the time is right to do so.

We have all learned a lot about Covid-19 in recent weeks, and I believe that all of us have a far greater awareness of our personal responsibilities as a result. However, Coronavirus is likely to remain with us for several months, meaning that we need to learn how to live with it and find safe ways to operate before the risk has been completely eliminated. 

However, the biggest challenge facing us when planning a safe reopening is to decide who can re-open, when and how do we do so safely, and in what order? These decisions must be right from a safety perspective first and foremost, but they must also make commercial sense.

In order to ensure the safest possible environment addressing social distancing, hygiene and health & safety guidelines, we have decided on a phased reopening of our store to allow us to monitor and review our operational procedures before expanding them when the time is right.

As you may know, we started with a phased reopening ‪on 1st ‬May, with limited  Staff  available to deal with motorcycle sales and warranty processing only, on-line or by telephone. We will be looking at working on a safe contact free handover procedure for some time in June. Meanwhile our delivery drivers will be able to perform home deliveries. Videos of all new and used motorcycles can be viewed on our website www.mcobikes.com or  emailed by request. 

To be clear, showrooms remain closed, in-line with government guidance, so please do not visit the showrooms.  We will now start to process bookings for crucial service and warranty work estimated to start by the second week in June. All appointments will have to be punctual and will be carried out with a contactless "drop off" procedure. There will be no waiting for bikes whilst they are being worked on. All customers will be contacted once their bikes are ready for collection and again an appointment will be arranged for a contactless collection. The specific details of how this will be carried out will be explained to you at the time of making your booking. We ask that out of respect for all concerned that our customers adhere to these temporary measures, therefore ensuring everyones safety.

Should our partial, phased reopening prove successful, we hope that we can increase the number of staff covering more departments within the business. However, all our decisions will be based on government / medical advice as well as feedback from operations within the dealer network.

The decision to close was not easy, and it is just as hard to decide when to reopen. We are delighted to be able to do so, if only from a distance, and hope that each day takes us closer to the end of the Covid-19 crisis. 

Keep up to date with the latest updates on our plans to reopen gradually and safely at our website www.mcobikes.com

Please note that these plans may be

subject to amendment or delay if we feel that it is necessary, as safety is paramount.

Thank you for your understanding and support for our company and our people.

Stay safe.

David Brown, Dealer Principal, MCO Bikes...